Crazy to think think it all started from that little notepad in lockdown….

I started MP Electrical in the summer of 2020 in the height of the corona virus lockdown (mad I know) why?

Well I have 2 boys, my youngest lad had a medical condition at a very young age so as you can imagine lockdown for us was a complete lockdown..(you know the kind I mean…..wiping down every item of food  that got delivered into the home) crazy times…
During that period of quiz nights on zoom and spending time in the garden with the family (it was a hot summer) & Banging our pans and clapping for our nhs heroes I came up with the vision that is now Mp Electrical.

I had spent most of my working life like most tradesmen, either working away or on the motorway for hours on end and I knew I wanted better work life balance for me and my family…

I needed to create something so I could be local for my little one’s many hospital appointments and if I’m honest I wanted to watch my boys grow up and live life and not miss out on the normal stuff we take for granted like dropping the kids of at school sometimes or football matches with the eldest

So it was during the lockdown period I put a Facebook post out saying I was a local electrician and when the lockdown was over I was free to take on any work within your home and garden,I think I was very lucky as many people had spent more time than normal in their home and gardens and electrical work seemed to be high on their list of things to do…… from that post I was able to list people in a little notepad and when the lockdown was over Mp electrical was started.

From then I have improved greatly in all areas. I started the journey as an electrician and since then I have become a business owner passing many new qualifications along the way, making my service I believe to be amongst the best in the area with people and family at the heart of everything I do.
I love the sense of belonging to a community and feel very privileged to have many new friends that started off as customers and still feel really lucky to have such a nice customer base
Installing the Christmas lights in Wickersley Rotherham is a massive privilege and I love the fact my little boy recognises that “Daddy does the Christmas lights”

People often ask when am I going to have more people working for me or when am I going to have more vans on the road……the answer may surprise people but I’m not…..its never been about that.

For me MP Electrical is a vehicle for me to look after my family’s needs and to care for a small community giving them the best service I possibly can….